Ireland sells €500 million of its 15-Year bond by auction

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has completed an auction of €500 million of the benchmark 15-Year Irish Government bond, 2.4% Treasury Bond 2030, at a yield of 1.563%.

Total bids received amounted to €1,576 million which was 3.15 times the amount on offer.

Maturity Amount Yield Cover
15 May 2030 €500m 1.563% 3.15 times

With the completion of today’s auction the NTMA has raised €8.5 billion in the bond markets this year.

Ireland is already halfway towards its target of raising between 12 billion and 15 billion euros of long-term bonds this year following two syndicated deals including the sale of its first 30-year bond sale at record low interest rates last week.

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